Tax Reform

We need comprehensive tax reform to simplify our state’s tax code so that it is more friendly and fair to all businesses and individuals alike. Right now, the tax code is riddled with loopholes and exceptions that most don’t use, and it has left us with a vague and convoluted tax system.



I will be a leader in fighting for the best interests of the ratepayers who have been placed on the hook to pay for the abandoned nuclear reactors, and will fight to make sure that we never rush through a law, like BLRA, that could have serious, negative effects on District 110.



I will proudly fight for the rights of the unborn and will stand proudly with those in the SC General Assembly who are currently fighting for those same rights.


State Pension

Will work with Treasurer Curtis Loftis on crafting a longterm plan to tackle the state’s failing pension system. We can’t afford to keep kicking the can down the road via stopgap funding measures.



I want to give parents and communities more control over education at community schools.  Too often, especially in a large school district like Charleston, decision making at the district level does not reflect the needs or concerns of parents.  Parents need to be able to impact the schools in their community.  I believe that education reform must provide a way for parents to become more involved in decisions about how their children are educated.  After all, parents have their children’s best interest first and foremost in their minds.  School board members, administrators and others rarely think on an individual scale.



Given all of the resignations and guilty pleas that have taken place in the SC House over the past few years, I will work with those who are serious about reforming our state’s antiquated ethics laws. Members of the General Assembly should not be allowed to receive government contracts while serving, should be required to disclose the sources of all their income, and end the practice of appointing family members to the various boards across the state.


2nd Amendment

Will proudly join the SC House Sportsmen’s Caucus and fight to protect the rights of law abiding citizens to purchase firearms.

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